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Portable Water Filtration

Potable Water Purification

Drinking water is one of the most important symbol of life. However water is not reaching us in its pure and safest form (There are a no of reasons for its impure form).

Home water supplies whether obtained from municipal reserviours or private wells contain dissolved mineral salts and other materials. The amount present determine various characteristics which effect water quality.
Our high performance water filter will remove chlorine, bacteria, odour, heavy metals, sediment and will dramatically improve the taste and quality of your water.

Water to be used for any domestic application must pass the local, state or international standards. In most of our areas water is supplied by our municipal authorities after getting it from deep wells. Normally at the tubewell outlet, most of the water samples shows satisfactory results. Chemically-wise, the water of your area is near to WHO Highest Desirable concentration.

   However peoples are regularly getting information about unhygienic water quality reports being supplied to different areas. However due to waste polluted streams running by your institute, the toxic chemicals are constantly being mixed with your ground water reservoirs and making your water source polluted with trace elements.
Water is obtained from various sources. With some basic treatment it reaches our homes, factories or point of use through pipes.

The virus/bacteria in water may grow/enter from any source i.e., from well, distribution pipeline, from air, from overhead storage tank, from factory piping, open collection tanks, cooling towers etc. It is very difficult to have control at all these point. So to ensure bacteria/virus free water for drinking you must have some water sterilization system at point of use.

So it is necessary to install suitable water treatment at all drinking water points to remove all turbidity, soluble Toxic organic, bad taste and odor and bacteria/viruses. These systems will guarantee regular supply of good quality drinking water safe from all types of hazards.

Here, in Pakistan we normally don't have clear understanding about water, water quality and problems (diseases) which may arise due to use of bad quality water. Today, it's fundamental good sense to protect yourself and family from contaminant that can threaten your health.

Most of us are drinking water without any treatment especially filtration alone. It is also surprising to note that we use every fluid (as Oil, fuel, air) in our automobiles with proper filtration techniques except water for drinking.

For detailed technical information on our products or for guidance to select best system for your requirements contact your H2OME Careline/advisory cell at (042) 7572696/ 753 3250 or e-mail us

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